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The Journey to a Flawless Fit

Pressed to find the most flattering gown of all?

We’ve listed the most timeless (and trendy) styles of dresses found on the market today and why you’ll love each one. From dramatic ballgowns to sky high mini skirts, you’ll be able to find a design that suits your style!

Consider this the starting point to discovering the gown that makes your heart sing! Remember this advice and carry onward to customizing the dress of your dreams… Because dresses are like the female figure – they’re all unique in their own beautiful way!


Full bust and full hips with waist definition

Triangle or Pear
Broader hips than shoulders

Round or Apple
Full bust and full hips without waist definitions

Inverted Triangle
Broad shoulders and small hips

Straight up and down proportions with very little waist definitions



Sexy and fifties-esque without the drama of a ballgown. Resembling an uppercase ‘A’, these dresses are snug around the top and will gradually build volume from the waist to fall soft and full around the feet. The modified a-line is fitted all the way through the hips, creating a fun ‘pop’ at the bottom hem! Both gowns are classy and look amazing on everyone.

*All Body Types!


This the the pretty princess of wedding dresses. Plucked straight from a fairy tale, this style accentuates an hourglass figure with ease. The fitted waist and full and fluffy bottom looks great on busty girls. Beware those with a smaller frame; this dress is beautiful yet can be overwhelming on your pretty and petite frames! Perfect for making an unforgettable entrance.

*Hourglass, Apple, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle


A fit-and-flare style with the ultimate hourglass shape! This style accentuates every curve so it’s not for the faint of heart! The mermaid flares out from the knee. Want to make a ‘splash’ without so much to sacrifice? Opt for the softer version of this dress called the trumpet which falls in a softer way from mid-thigh.

*Triangle, Hourglass


Also known as a ‘column’ dress. A straight line from top to bottom. Elegantly form fitting but not in an I-look-gorgeous-yet-can’t-breathe kind of way! Modern, chic, streamlined, and hugs curves with room to spare. Fantastic for lean or athletic types or those willing to show off their bodice without baring it all.

*Hourglass, Rectangle


Want the formal without the fuss? Try a tea-length gown! Typically falling just below the knee, it’s adorable yet classy and easy to navigate in. A great way to showcase a pair of striking heels. The mini takes things to even greater lengths (or maybe less) as the bottom hem hits around mid-thigh. The tea-length looks wonderful on everyone and the mini is great for those who want their legs take center stage.

*Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, Hourglass


A unique, versatile, and trendy style – a crop top paired with a skirt that sits on the natural waist. Can be used in combination with any of the aforementioned options which makes this a flexible and fantastic option for any bride. The best part is you can swap either the top or bottom mid celebration to retain your original look while switching up your style!

*Triangle, Hourglass

WRITTEN BY: Erika Kelm

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