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Our goal for this shoot was to closely follow trends for Spring/Summer 2023. We combined “fan favorite” aspects from our 2022 weddings like full tablescapes, statement signage, and out-of-the-box layouts. Focusing on creating tailor-made and unique experiences have been a big priority with our couples, so showcasing the venue in a different light was a no-brainer when it came to this shoot. Our couples are aiming to do things as personalized as possible, and trying to lean away from trends that are becoming cliché or losing originality. When it came to design, we wanted all things vibrant and whimsical. We chose different shades of pink, bright oranges, and pulled yellow tones through fresh citrus to help achieve our overall aesthetic. For our tablescape, we chose to set up outdoors on a scenic pathway to help our couples envision a beautiful outdoor reception at Shepherd of the Hills. We will definitely be seeing more outdoor ceremonies and receptions this coming season because of the design flexibility they allow. Following trends for 2023, we dolled up the sweetheart table with glassware, chargers, dinner plates, bread plates, flatware, napkins, and a mini orange place card. Out-of-the-box layouts are also going to be a big focus, so it was important for us to incorporate a booth/bench style settee with our tablescape. Overall, we had a blast pulling together a shoot that really grasped our elegant, fun aesthetic with stunning southern charm elements in mind. We truly can’t wait to see some unique weddings in 2023.

Jenna Rhine

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