Metropolitan Weddings

Midwestern Dreamscape

Every element in this vibrant tableau exudes fun and creativity. The tables are draped in soft blue linens, adorned with floral arrangements bursting with life. This styled shoot creates a world where bold colors dance across the canvas of the rustic Midwest. Picture an enchanting meadow bathed in sunlight, adorned with bursts of pink, orange and blue.

The scene was straight out of a fairytale – this secluded venue, set atop rolling hills creating the most beautiful Missouri backdrop for these happy pops of color. The team’s choice in hues seemed to spark infectious joy.

This styled shoot showcases the magical intersection of vivid colors, natural beauty and boundless imagination. It invites you to lose yourself in a world of whimsy, reminding you that amidst the simple pleasures of life, joy and wonder can be found in the most unexpected places!

Samantha Roshan


Shoot Location: The Veranda
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