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Organizing and keeping up with the events of the wedding weekend can be stressful, but Victoria Hawkins, owner of John’s Suit Shop, says knowing what to wear for each event doesn’t have to be. Keeping each event’s purpose in mind, your outfit can express personality without sacrificing formal etiquette.

Engagement Party­

One event that might not be part of the actual wedding weekend, but usually comes first in the order of events leading up to the wedding, is the engagement party. Hawkins says this event is usually informal, so the outfit you wear should reflect such. “For your engagement party, dress pants, a button-up shirt and a blazer or sport coat are appropriate. This event is more informal so a tie isn’t necessary, but adding a pocket square will add a nice touch to your outfit.” 


For any brunches or family gatherings that occur over the wedding weekend, Farah Prince, contributing writer for, says these events tend to be more relaxed than other events occurring over the wedding weekend, and your outfit should always correlate with the atmosphere of each event. “Keep it casual with jeans and a polo or sweater, or khakis, a tee and a hat,” Prince says. “You can be comfortable, but still try a little — you are the guest of honor, after all.” 

Rehearsal Dinner­

The rehearsal dinner, one of the more formal events of the wedding weekend, requires a wardrobe that expresses the formality of the event without forgetting its celebratory atmosphere. “It’s a celebration, after all!” Hawkins says, a “nice suit in traditional colors for a classic look will be very appropriate. You can spice it up with a fun tie and pocket square combo.” 

Photo Credit: Amanda Solak

The Wedding

After preparing for every event leading up to the wedding, you can’t forget the wedding itself! Just as the wedding is the main event of the weekend, Hawkins says the groom’s wear for the wedding should be the primary focus amongst every other outfit worn over the wedding weekend. 

As with all other events, Hawkins says the outfit you choose for your wedding should go with your personality, and using color is a great way to express yourself. 

“Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to show off your style and stand out from the crowd. There’s no easier way to do that than with color,” Hawkins says. “A brighter color palette is on trend, whether you choose a vibrant suit color or use accessories to punch up a neutral suit. For a formal event, you still can’t go wrong with a classic black tux, but if you’re more of a stylish, fashionable guy, don’t be afraid to go for a colorful tuxedo.” 

The Reception­ 

It’s not uncommon for men to change into a different suit for the wedding reception, Hawkins says. If your wedding is more on the formal side, the reception is the time to have some fun and express your personality. 

“It is very common for a bride to have a second look for a reception. Now grooms are getting in on the action too,” Hawkins says. “For example, you can recite your vows in a classic tux or very formal attire, then change into a more comfortable, but still dressy outfit.” 

Among the many different styles and events you will encounter over the wedding weekend, the constant theme that exists through every event and outfit is your personality. Over the wedding weekend, a lot will be thrown at you regarding style choice. 

In the midst of the chaos over the wedding weekend, remember this: True style isn’t sacrificing your personality to look good–true style means showcasing your personality in your style choices while adapting to the different nuances of every event. 

Written by Riley Tullis

Cover photo credit: Amanda Solak

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