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The return of warmth and sunshine is drawing people out of doors. With nature re-awakening in this beautiful weather, what better time is there for a wedding? But summer doesn’t come without hazards. Here are ten sizzling tips to keep in mind while planning your summer wedding!

1. Pesky Bugs and Scorching Rays
Bug spray and sunscreen are essential. Keep both handy to prevent crispy shoulders and itchy bug bites! Remember, your flowers and perfume will not only attract admiration from your guests but from pests, as well.

2. Feast or Fiasco
No matter how refreshing an ice-cream cake sounds, it won’t be when it’s melted. Be sure to choose foods that won’t spoil in the heat. For example, choose sauces that won’t separate. Fondant is an excellent summertime icing for cakes, while glass jars are an adequate and decorative way to store food.

3.  Iced Refreshments
Keep your guests well hydrated and happy with a choice of cool drinks. From cocktails, to iced tea and everything in between, your guests will appreciate a nice cold glass.

4. Keep the Wheel Turning
It’s your special day and you want to look perfect. Nothing wrong with that! Just keep in mind everyone else is out there and you don’t want to keep them waiting too long! You can avoid this by taking care not to plan events too far apart. If you do find that you’re ahead of schedule, you don’t have to wait. Pictures done early? Great! Go ahead and have dinner served!

5. No Glass Slippers
You will be on your feet all day and without comfortable shoes you’ll be hobbling by the end. Flats are classy and sandals are always a good choice. However, if you are drawn to heels, be sure and get the accessories you can attach to the bottom for more stability in the grass.

6. Temperature Rising
Do your best to minimize the heat. Set up where there is most likely to be a breeze, or bring fans if possible. Seriously consider the best time of day to hold your ceremony. Think about the position of the sun and the direction of your ceremony during differant times of day. Above all, wear appropriate clothing! A fainting bride is not elegant.

7. Twinkle and Glow
Once the sun goes down, it gets dark fast. It is fun to incorperate alternate forms of lighting. Try hanging lanterns overhead, stringing lights on the trees, or setting up candles as centerpieces.

8. Safe and Sound
Have some form of shelter, both from the sun and sudden storms. This is the Ozarks after all; you can’t count on stable weather for long. A tent or pavilion is a simple choice while a nearby building will give more room to continue the celebration.

9. Plan B
Always have a backup plan! If it can go wrong, it will. But you won’t have to stress if you plan accordingly. Provide alternative menu options for those with allergies. Keep an umbrella and a change of clothes (including shoes) nearby, just in case. It’s always good to have an extra set of batteries and a phone charger, too!

10. Be Flexible!
This is a big day, go with the flow and enjoy it! Stressing over perfection is not worth ruining this moment.

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