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New Twists on Old Traditions


Instead of a bridal procession down the aisle…

Have your guests proceed to you! You and your groom could be waiting inside to welcome your guests or you could set up chairs in the round. There are so many different ways to enter and exit your venue, it does not have to be a traditional walk down the aisle. The same is true for who you choose to escort you in, ask a person or people who are important to you.

Forget traditional kids roles…

Who says your flower girls and ring bearers must be young children? How about flower grandmas? Or confetti men? Or ring bearer pets? Everyone you love can have an important role in your special day.

Your first dance…

What about a private first dance at the venue before your guests enter? Imagine how beautiful the pictures will be while it is completely fresh and set up without distractions in the background such as dirty plates, suit jackets hanging on the backs of chairs, etc. You can also see your beautiful space and take in this private moment, just the two of you.

Ditch the awkward bouquet and garter tosses…

Many couples are not doing this tradition at all anymore. Their single friends are not always eager to participate. Consider presenting your bouquet to a special mentor or parents. How about a white teddy bear toss to the younger guests at your wedding? Or launch soft, wrapped candy at the children’s feet so that every little one can grab a prize.

Forget getting “John Hancocks” in the guest book…

Why not create a time capsule? Have guests put a polaroid of themselves, notes or predictions in a keepsake box and lock it. Opening the time capsule on your first anniversary is a lot more fun than eating a stale cake topper! Today’s newlyweds have also gotten creative with different ways to capture who was at their wedding. From signing picture frames and signs, to fingerprint art and photos, signed guest books are a tradition that is begging for a new twist!

Instead of an open bar…

Signature cocktails have become a wedding staple.
Choose your favorite drink to serve during cocktail hour and give it a clever name like “Something Blue” or “The Just Married-tini!”

Toss the rice, bird seed and sparklers…

Many venues will not allow couples to have rice, bird seed or sparkler send-offs for fear of bugs, sprouting seeds and fire hazards. Have you seen color bombs? They make a special moment even more dramatic and the pictures you get will be amazing! Or use color bombs to punctuate important moments during your ceremony like a first kiss or pronouncing the married couple for the first time. Also, try cold sparklers. They can be set up by your rental agency or DJ and can send a shower of sparkle into the air, elevating the mood, as your guests send you off as a married couple.

It is okay to pass on old traditions if they do not feel right.
There are many ways to put a new twist on the same meaning or intent that can be a reflection of you!


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