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You and your spouse-to-be have each finished compiling the lists of family and friends that you know would not want to miss your big day. You’ve finally picked out your wedding parties, and y’all are ready to inform the caterer when… You get self-conscious. Why is their list four times as long as yours?

There are any number of situations that can cause an uneven number of wedding guests for each of the newlyweds, especially in these tumultuous times. Treasure each person who is able to attend, and you may find that having a smaller group makes the celebration even more special for everyone.

If Some of Your Guests Can’t Travel to Your Wedding

With the future of travel still uncertain, it is possible that many of your loved ones will not be able to travel. Especially those who were planning to come in from another country may now be facing the possibility of missing your big day. During these times, a videographer to capture your wedding video, or better, your livestream, is a great solution.

There are several great options for streaming your wedding live online. YouTube and
Facebook both offer free live streaming options, and Zoom isn’t just for office meetings!

Tip #1: Hire a videographer and Livestream your wedding. Everyone can attend, no matter where in the world they are.

If Y’all Have Chosen Uneven Wedding Parties

There is no rule that each side of the altar needs the same number of attendants.  Your wedding party should consist of your nearest and dearest, regardless of how many people you would choose.

If your partner has an army of siblings, where you have just your very best friend, then your side will be that much easier to organize!

Tip #2: Embrace uneven wedding parties. They’re not the ones who are supposed to get paired off at your wedding, anyway.

If You Have Fewer Guests than Your Spouse

Regardless of the reason that you have fewer guests than your new spouse, remember to help them mingle with your partner’s friends and family. They have a lot of names to learn on your wedding day! (mini-tip: Help them out by using names extra frequently during conversations.)

For the reception, seat your guests toward the middle of the group, so they don’t end up feeling isolated on the outskirts of the party. For the ceremony, nix the choosing of sides and escort your guests to the seats of their choice.

Tip #3: Help your guests feel like part of the group, instead of feeling out-numbered.

If You’re the One Who’s Feeling Out-numbered

I am the introvert in my relationship, and my family is the smaller one. At my wedding, I expect to be meeting many, many people for the first time. If your new spouse comes from a large family (or friend group), you likely face a similar situation. Try not to fear.

Remember that the whole point of a wedding is to bring two families together, and to celebrate the love you share. Your new spouse’s family will come to accept you as one of their own, and all of your spouse’s guests are there to celebrate with you as well.

Tip #4: Lean on the love you feel for your partner, and the joy for your future together. Remember that everyone at y’alls wedding is there for your new spouse and you.

Remember that the importance of your wedding day is not measured by the number of guests you invite. And, the support of your loved ones cannot be diminished by distance, or social distancing.

By remembering these four ideas, you can help yourself and your guests feel more comfortable at your wedding; plus, you can help make sure no one has to miss the big day.

1.    Livestream your ceremony and reception for loved ones world-wide.

2.    Embrace your uneven wedding parties.

3.    Help your guests meet and mingle, so they don’t feel out-numbered.

4.    Remember that every guest is there to celebrate both of y’all.

Happy Planning!

Kristyn Harrison

Day of Coordinator

About the Author:

Kristyn Harrison is the founder of Y’alls Wedding, LLC which specializes in Day of Coordination. Always passionate for putting together perfect weddings, she started the company to help include every person involved in the wedding day.


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