A Glimpse Into Holistic Health & Wellness

A Glimpse Into Holistic Health & Wellness

I want to introduce you to Xyngular.  We are a holistic health and wellness company with an emphasis on weight loss.  We turned 10 years old last December. After being in direct sales for 20 years and helping brides with their skin care and color needs, I decided to make a shift in my business and started helping both brides and grooms get healthier and thinner.  I feel it is so important for people to not only look good but feel amazing, and my products do just that!  

I started my business on February 9, 2019.   I needed to lose about 15 pounds, gain more energy, and to become an overall happier person who loved life.   And most importantly, I needed to be able to sleep more than 4 to 5 hours per night without taking prescription medication.  I followed a simple low carb-high protein meal plan and took the Xyngular products as outlined in the guidebook.   I dropped 4 dress sizes in 4 months and found that I had a lot of natural non-jittery energy to make it through the day without wanting to go take a nap.  I was able to get a full night of restful sleep.   In addition, I found that I no longer had trouble breathing in the cold winter air and I wasn’t sniffling and sneezing in the springtime anymore.  I had been treated for some orthopedic issues for 3 ½ years; however, by day 3 on the program, I was already experiencing improvement with all that too.    

Our wellness and weight loss supplement systems primarily consist of a combination of protein smoothies, pills, and drink mixes.  Each starter system comes with a guidebook with a choice of 2 meal plan options, recipes, and approved food and shopping lists.   And, one of the neatest things about our systems is that you get your very own virtual coach for 30 days.   He will send you motivational texts throughout the day telling you what to eat/drink and which supplements to take which really helps to keep you on track to success. It is such a simple system!  There is also a lot of personal support, motivation, and tips to help ensure your success.  Most people lose 5 to 15 pounds in just the first 8 days with our jumpstart program!!!

With COVID-19 turning our world upside down, people are now realizing how important it is to have a healthy body, mindset, and immune system.  If you are one of the couples who has had to postpone your wedding due to the coronavirus, you probably are under a lot of stress and not sleeping very well.  We can help you with that!  If your wedding plans haven’t been affected but you are ready to drop a few pounds before you walk down the aisle in that gorgeous dress, we can definitely help you too!   Each plan can be customized to fit your personal needs and budget.   And, last but not least, are you trying to plan a princess’ wedding on a pauper’s budget???   We can help!   We have one of the best referral programs out there.   I can help you earn extra income while helping your friends and family live their best lives too.  

Give me a call or text for more information.  

Written by: Brigett Gladden

Call/text: 417-379-6893

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