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Luisa Smith, the owner of CornerStone Fine Jewelry, is quick to list the current trends in wedding jewelry. She says natural gemstones are gaining popularity and, since no two gemstones are the same, they guarantee a custom look. Opal is among the most sought after. Timeless pearls are having a moment too! As far as metals go, mixing it up is the way to go. You don’t have to choose between rose gold, white gold or yellow gold – mix and match to stay on trend. Light, layered pieces are the up and coming way to display all the pearly, mixed metal charm. 
Before jumping on the bandwagon though, Smith has a word of advice. She suggests couples choose jewelry based on what is authentic to them, rather than based on what will look good on Pinterest or Instagram. “Trends are things that come and go,” she says. Going against the current of trends means your wedding will be different, which is exactly what will make it memorable and meaningful.

“Think outside the box,” Smith says. 

Once you’re free from the chains of trends, the possibilities for wedding jewelry are limitless. One bride Smith worked with took apart an old necklace which had been passed down through her family. The pieces of the necklace were turned into pendants, and one was given to each of her bridesmaids. Smith also suggested this would make a great gift for the mothers of the bride and groom. Another bride gave her bridesmaids disc pendants engraved with each bridesmaid’s initials and completed with their birthstones. Bar necklaces engraved with names are another idea. If you want to get as custom as it comes – fingerprint pendants are the answer!

Grooms can go against the trends too. Cufflinks, pocket watches and wrist watches are typically customizable. Most of these have places to engrave something meaningful. Smith says initials or the wedding date are popular options.  

Even if you’ve decided not to follow the trends, what about the rules? Smith says to nix them all. “I’m a person who believes that if you love it, you should wear it,” she says. It’s not a hard and fast rule that you have to match jewelry with skin tones. She advises everyone to come in and try on the jewelry if they’re unsure whether something will look good. Bringing along dresses and tuxes may not be a bad idea, either. This will let you see how everything plays together to guarantee the look of the big day is flawless. 

While it might be wise to follow the advice of a jewelry store owner when choosing wedding jewelry, Smith is adamant brides and grooms should ultimately do what they want. “Never let anybody dictate,” she says. “At the end of the day, it’s your dream day and only you know your dream.”

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