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When it comes to celebrating, Lavish Grazing has perfected bringing people together for a real experience they will not stop talking about. Charcuterie board spreads with assortments of fine cheeses, in-season fresh fruits, vegetables, beautiful crackers, artisan breads and delectable meats are impressive. Lavish Grazing, a catering company with a new concept out of Springfield, Missouri, has been transforming how couples and their wedding guests dine post and pre-ceremony. 

Mollie Wilson and Elizabeth VanMetre turned their love for uniquely crafted charcuterie at their own parties into a business sharing their perfectly curated designs with others. Every wedding they serve is offered more than just delicious food, but a memorable experience branded by unforgettable tastes. 

For weddings, they take their board concepts and expand them into large grazing tables. A tablescape overflowing with layers of cheeses, meats and bites. Perfect for a cocktail hour or an easy way to serve your guest a variety of foods – some they’ve never tasted before. Their unique grazing table runners offer those you love a nibble while you take your photos or are a perfect appetizer before the main entree comes out. Incorporating both local and international eats, Lavish Grazing uses fresh ingredients for the most optimal palates with intriguing options. 

Guests are able to share long-time favorite charcuterie bites, or bond over tasting a new cheese, unique dry goods, or fresh meats. This is all pulled together with greenery and florals that make them an Insta-worthy part of your big day! They also offer their signature charcuterie boards for bridesmaids and groomsmen while they get ready for their wedding day. Lavish Grazing has curated groomsmen boards with wings, hearty meats and strong cheeses that pair well with bourbon sipping for the guys. As for the bridesmaids, to keep their dress, hair and makeup intact, they provide carefully thought-out treats that are beautiful and delicious. Similarly, Lavish Grazing crafts boards for just the couple needing an after-party snack to end the first evening of official marriage. Before the “I do’s,” bridal parties and engagement celebrations are their strong suit just the same, even offering a mimosa bar with their artesian bagels. 
foodie favorite 

A favorite of the co-owners themselves? Fresh honeycomb on a big beautiful round brie as it is the perfect celebratory taste for special occasions, like the couple’s big day! 

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