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There are a ton of moving pieces that have to align to ensure a flawless wedding day.  From vendor arrivals and set up to room flips, toasts, and cleanup – all of it is fueled by your timeline, so it is essential to make sure it is sound!  In addition to a solid timeline, you will need a group of supporting people to help you and a main point of contact that is not in the wedding party. 

One of the most common mistakes witnessed in the wedding planning process is the assumption that the entire wedding party will be able to take care of the day-of details.  While they will most certainly be there to help, they will not be freely available to address everything that will come up, since they will also be getting ready for their own walk down the aisle.  You don’t want to be blindsided by a catering fiasco because your point of contact was tied up in hair and makeup, so make sure you choose someone who:

  1. Is not part of the wedding party
  2. Is calm, cool, & collected
  3. Knows what you want and what is important to you

So, what are your options?

A professional Day-of Coordinator is the best route, as they will ensure everything is running smoothly and will be able to catch things that someone without experience may not notice.  A Professional will also help alleviate stress from your family and friends, so they can enjoy spending time with you on your big day!

If a professional Coordinator is out of your budget, good options to consider are typically aunts, cousins, or a great friend that is not in the wedding party.  You want this person to be close enough to you and your partner that they can make confident decisions without having to directly ask you about everything, yet distant enough to not mind missing the getting ready process. 

No matter who you choose for your coordinator, a well thought out (and followed!!) timeline is essential for success.  Every prepared couple should have two timelines – one that lines out every last detail and who is assigned to it, such as “2 P.M. cake delivery by B’s Bakery”, “3:30 P.M. hydration break!”, or “4 P.M. Jim gathers wedding party”, and one that is designed for family and the wedding party that only includes the major highlights.  

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