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When chef Patty Wingo hangs up her hat after a long day, she usually grabs a cookbook from her enormous collection to take with her. “I always have one with me or near me to read,” she says. “Cooking is like therapy for me.”

Running three kitchens, including her catering company Simply Delicious, plus The Fork & Spoon Restaurant, and The Diamond Room Venue, it’s a good thing Patty can still find comfort in cooking. “My staff tell me that I am a machine,” she says. “But really, I am so passionate about my craft.”

Patty learned her craft not at a culinary institute like so many head chefs, but taught herself by experimenting, researching, and creating. She cites Michael Roman as one of her influences and mentors, a “superstar in the catering world.” Her friends and family, too, are a big ingredient to Patty’s success. “I have always loved to entertain,” Patty says, saying that her friends would encourage her to start her own business after enjoying her food at parties. Food that was, and still is, well…simply delicious.

Although Patty is skilled at creating every part of the meal, from salads to dinner entrees, when she entertains she enjoys making tapas-style food the most. She likes to inject big flavors into small, shareable bites, using inspiration from her childhood dishes. “I grew up in a middle eastern community,” Patty says, “So I love middle eastern food.” Trying more Indian dishes is a challenge Patty embraces, because it’s not a geographical flavor that is requested much from her clients. “I would love to experiment more with Indian flavors,” she says.

With fifteen years of catering under her belt, and with the help of her dedicated staff, Patty’s catering company Simply Delicious LLC is a top pick for brides looking for a memorable meal to go with their special day. Patty says she treats each event, no matter the size or occasion, as if it is her only event. Receiving top honors from “417 Best Of” and Ozarks Best, Patty says that she is honored to be entrusted with her client’s events, and that she can “still provide them with great food and at reasonable prices.”

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{Written by Nicole Chilton | Photography by Jessica Yates}

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