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Originally sparked from their former restaurant’s success, Longhorn Grill, Infused Catering developed their niche in successfully catering food for large gatherings including wedding receptions. Their transition to full-service catering in 2008 has only grown on their premise of creating a custom experience especially for each bride and groom’s celebratory meal! 

Infused Catering is a full-service, completely customizable catering company that knows no two couple’s catering needs are the same. Jill Barton, a partner with Infused Catering’s team, expressed that their enthusiasm for the food service industry has always stemmed from how food can truly create bonds with or between anyone. This has always served their reputation for savory food well, and created further connections from cousins, sisters, friends and other guests wanting to enjoy their food again for their own wedding. 

One of their favorite requests from bride and groom is to take a unique family recipe they would love to incorporate into their wedding reception’s meal and make it accurately for the number of expected guests. Doing so brings a recognizable, personal touch to their celebration and embraces Infused Catering’s level of quality. Beyond their ability to transition couple’s favorite eats, all their food options are homemade including their own smoked meats to relish. Gourmet dessert bars are the perfect final touch for any and all sweet toothed guests to take part in. After the dining has commenced, the Infused Catering’s team also makes sure clean-up is taken care of at no additional stress to the couple (or guests) as they continue the evening with fulfilled appetites. 

Advice to brides and grooms coordinating their ultimate meal is to have their guest headcount organized so they can plan and budget accordingly, plus take part in tastings. A popular menu item this season has been their bacon stuffed and wrapped chicken, it’s a flavorful combination enjoyed by many! 

Foodie Favorite 
Jill’s favorite comfort foods can be found at many of Springfield’s local restaurants. Mexican Villa is a frequent craving! 

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