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Psst….okay fellow brides to be, let’s chat. After our recent wedding, I want to share with you my top 6 things you must have in your 9-1-1 box. You know the 9-1-1 box, the box you are taking to solve all of those last minute emergencies. Of course you are going to have the classic staples: bobby pins, safety pins, nail polish, hairspray, ibuprofen, Tums, waterproof mascara and deodorant, but you will be surprised at my top 6 things that I found saved our wedding. So, let’s count them down!

Google Docs
Yes, that is right, Google Docs! We had list upon list of Google Docs that we shared with all appropriate parties. A timeline for the father of the bride, a processional and recessional list for the bridal party so they would know with whom and when to walk, a seating chart for the reception, a set up and clean up list so that everyone knew what their tasks were. Why Google Docs? Because not only could we make last minute changes from our phones, or print them out to have a hard copy, but inevitably, a bridesmaid or groomsmen misplaced their list and we could instantly share them. They were able to instantly pull the Google Doc up on their cell phone, without missing a step. 

Dryer sheets
Let’s face it – there will be static electricity in the air that night. Take a few dryer sheets, pop them in a Ziploc bag and voila! Your maid of honor has a dress that will not lay down? Lightly rub with a dryer sheet. Grandma’s dress is riding up and her slip is showing? Use a dryer sheet. The adorable ring bearer has been playing with the balloons, rubbing them on his head before he walks down the aisle? Smooth those flyaway locks with a dryer sheet.

Garment Steamer
No matter how hard you try, when a bridal party travels to a wedding venue with suits and dresses, there will be wrinkles. Go ahead and get your favorite aunt and uncle to camp out in the appropriate bridal party suites and begin steaming the guy’s shirts and girl’s dresses. The crease lines from traveling will not look good in your wedding pictures! Plus a garment steamer is quick, easy and takes away the possibilities of a burn mark on delicate fabric. One tip to keep in mind – make sure there is air conditioning in the room with the steamer. It can get pretty warm in there!

Cloth handkerchiefs
You know there will be happy tears on this day, but what you do not want is small pieces of tissue stuck to your groom’s face. A cloth handkerchief solves the problem. It can dab tears without ruining makeup. It can wipe sweat without tearing like a Kleenex, leaving small bits of tissue stuck on the father of the bride’s forehead or in the groom’s short trimmed beard. It will not crumple into a wasted mess, leaving you searching for a trash can. The last thing you want to see in your wedding pictures are pieces of tissue stuck on your groom’s handsome face. Be classy, use a cloth handkerchief. You can even stitch a monogram and the wedding date on handkerchiefs for the bride and groom.

Candle adhesive
Yes, this happened. We were in a time crunch to set the tables for dinner and were swarming like worker bees placing table settings, greenery, votives and candlesticks with beautiful taper candles. As we finished and got ready to light over 100 candles, we realized that most of the tapers had slipped and were standing crooked in all of the candlesticks. Luckily, a smart thinking aunt came to the rescue with candle adhesive and we were able to quickly straighten the problem!

Crochet hook
This small, but simple tool that costs less than $2 saved the day. When the bride needs to button 20 small buttons up the back of her dress that are fastened by a small string loop surrounding a covered button, a crochet hook is the only way to quickly, and without ruining or popping those delicate strings, fasten her dress. Plus, when you need to bustle the bridal train, use the crochet hook. Most trains have a small, almost invisible loop that when pulled up to the back waistline of the bride, affixes to a covered button. Instead of using fingers (you cannot grasp it well), or tweezers (they can tear the fabric) or safety pins (takes too long and too cumbersome), a crochet hook perfectly solves the problem. Once you get the loop around the button, you simply slide the crochet hook out backwards and the dress and bustle is fixed! 

Written by Meg Rallis

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