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You said yes! You are now engaged and planning a wedding. Well that is exciting news! What does it mean to plan a wedding? Exactly where does one start? For some of you the dreaming started last year, for others childhood…but either way you are now ready to narrow those thoughts into one cohesive theme. It’s not all gown modeling and color palettes…you have budgets to set, calls to make, tastings to attend and seating t o assign. You are going to need some help!

Assemble a team of friends, family and your wedding planner so they can help you pull the trigger on some decisions. Trust us! There will be plenty of decisions to make. We don’t want your brain to melt as you finalize choices in each of the wedding categories. It doesn’t all have to be decided in one day either. There is a reason wedding timeline planning averages 12 to 18 months.

You and your fiancé need a short list of priorities. Is it the meal? The photographs? The entertainment? You each need to list a few of the things that mean the most to you so that you don’t feel unheard in the process.

Then you need to prioritize the categories. Which ones are date sensitive? Those will need to be booked first so you get the merchants you want. You can fill in the rest as you go. Remember you don’t have to do it all yourself. Don’t be afraid to hire and delegate. The memory of the wedding should be the celebration of unity after all… not how many bows you tied personally.

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