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High school is where Kellie knew photography was the correct path for her. She immediately dove into the world of weddings. The high emotion of a wedding day captured her and set her soul on fire to capture once in a lifetime moments. After high school, she pursued higher education and earned a degree in photography and graphic design. She also learned from mentors and world renowned photographers. The session that stands out most in Kellie’s mind was a wedding for a couple who was enduring some true hardships. The bride was battling cancer and her groom knew he was never guaranteed the rest of his life with her, but he loved her without reservation. They had a quick engagement to ensure they were allowed as many cherished moments as possible and were married around close friends and family. The bride passed away last year, but the true impression of what fearless love looks like will be a fond memory for Kellie always. 

In her free time, Kellie loves to spend time with her family. She and her husband are watching their baby boy grow up and learn new things every day. To her, every new sound and giggle is the best. 

Kellie always has a horde of supplies in her photography arsenal. In her camera bag, she keeps two cameras (a Canon 5d Mark III and Mark IV), two speedlights, batteries, several lenses and many, many SD cards. Her style is soft and romantic. She loves soft directional light, backlighting and that dreamy golden hour sunlight. 

Dream Photo Session
“Either a royal wedding or I would want to go back in time and photograph the day my parents got married. My dad wore a white tux and mom pulled off some poofy long sleeves on a hot summer day in July!”

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IG: @kelmichellephoto


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