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We’ve all experienced one of those moments in life, an instant when time seems to stand still and the only thing that seems to permeate the atmosphere around you is music. Perhaps it was an 80s ballad playing over the gym stereo at your first high school dance. Perhaps it was a  rock medley at your most memorable concert, a night filled with bright lights and guitar solos and  laughs amongst friends as you stayed out past curfew. Whatever stands out in your mind as an unforgettable moment, the truth of the matter is that there was probably some type of music  playing in the background, a sound track that now accompanies the highlight reel amongst your  memories.

When it comes to planning for events, be it a wedding, a birthday, or something in  between, incorporating the right music can mean the difference between a boring bash and a superior soiree. The last thing that a newly wedded couple wants is for their big day to be remembered as a flop, so whether or not music was at the forefront of their planning itinerary, it is a party component not to be overlooked. Here’s a breakdown of how exactly musicality can’t ransform a wedding from start to finish, with direct insight from theindustry’s professionals, and  a list of three ways that the melody you choose to accompany your nuptials could be just the  ticket tocreating musical milestones that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Music Sets the Tempo

Music has the power to set the entire tempo of a wedding. From the slower-paced speed of the formal ceremony to the fast-paced party vibe of the reception, music creates the tempo  that a wedding follows from start to finish. Dennis Cox, the lead DJ and CEO of Live Events DJs and  Photo Booths in Springfield, says that “music has the potential to transform a wedding from classy to party mode”. Even if the ceremony and reception are held in the same venue, music has a way  of altering the entire vibe of a wedding, in a way that decorations and scenery alone could never  do. Dennis claims that “energy is everything” when it comes to throwing a successful party,  especially weddings, and the music you choose can influence the attitude your guests feel  towards the event itself. It’s evident that professionals in the music and event industry acknowledge the importance of selecting your music carefully. Depending on how you want to  usher in your marriage, the tunes are the key factor in establishing the tempo of your nuptials from beginning to end.

Music Adds to Ambiance

In addition, music plays an instrumental, no pun intended, part increating the atmosphere of a wedding. Nic Keith, owner of All That Music in Springfield, notes just how important a playlist  is when looking to achieve a certain aesthetic at an event. He says, “musicplays a vital part – it
can create the perfect atmosphere for every moment of the night.” Similar to the effects that  lighting, tablescapes and florals have on the curb appeal of an event, music is not all that  different. Soft lighting, just like mellow, instrumental tunes, can create a relaxed and intimate  atmosphere. Flashing lights and upbeat tempos, on the contrary, can create a vibrant and whimsical space for event goers. Brides and grooms often fixate a lot of attention on the way their ceremony and venue space are going to look on their big day. When it comes to adding to  ambiance, though, music should be at the very top of the to-do list.

Music Makes the Memories

It’s evident that music plays a critical role in the outcome and success of a wedding. Not only does it set the tempo of the evening’s events, but it also adds to the ambiance, creating  stunning and unforgettable atmospheres that encompass all of the highlights of the night. The last  thing that we consider a noteworthy point to take into account when it comes to focusing on the tunes, is how you want your event to be remembered. Music, the type you choose and how brilliantly it is incorporated into the event, can determine how long your guests reminisce fondly  on your wedding day. In addition, music has the capability to create and envelope memories into  a specific song, locking these precious moments away in memory banks forever. Whether it’s the  song you have your first dance to, or the last party beat that plays as you make your grand exit,  the songs you choose have the potential to make memories for you and your guests alike. Why not make sure they make an impact while doing so?

When it comes to wedding planning, everyone wants their wedding day to be the event of  the decade. If not, they at least want it to be memorable and enjoyable for their guests. Planning  lists and itineraries are already long and daunting and can be overwhelming to say the least.  However, when it comes to ensuring the success of your wedding, a critical component that  should never be overlooked is the music. From the DJ to the playlist to the songs that you choose, everything about the musicality of your event matters. Be it upbeat or classical, punk rock or  country, music, when given the right amount of focus and consideration, has the potential to take  any wedding to the next level.

Written By: Julie Good

Photo Credit: Adam and Dawn Photography featuring Jason Whorlow as Entertainer

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