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For the couple who wants to get married but keep it a quiet, intimate affair, consider the Pop Up Wedding.

Pop Up Weddings have been, well, popping up across the country, and we expect the trend is here to stay. Easy, personalized, cost effective, and quick, they can be the perfect fit for many couples.

In larger cities, couples can find a pop-up wedding company who sets dates and times for on-the-spot weddings. Couples show up at the ready, bringing only themselves and maybe a friend or family member. They pick out some flowers, stand at an altar, and say I Do. Time to party!

Recently, Erin at Gambles Photography, set up a photo shoot for Reverend Dee, and the engaged couple Erin used for the photos decided to go ahead and make it official. Erin’s photoshoot was decided on a Tuesday, and by Thursday, she helped coordinate an entire wedding! You can see more of their story at Erin’s website, Gamble’s Photography.

Be on the lookout for more opportunities like this in the Metro-Bride area! If you’re interested in putting one together, or becoming a pop-up bride, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

{featured photo by Gamble’s Photography}



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