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Music is easy. Just put together your favorite tunes and hit the play button. 
Who needs a DJ? You do! Here’s why even the greatest playlist ever curated can’t compete:

Hosting Expertise 
You might be thinking your event already has a host–you! While that’s technically true, you’ll be visiting with friends and relatives all night (and hopefully dancing). Plus, after all of the planning and expense of putting on this celebration, don’t you deserve to enjoy it without worrying about the fact that no one is out on the dance floor? Or that table 3 didn’t get the memo about not eating dinner quite yet? A good DJ acts as your host or emcee to take all of that stress off your shoulders. They’ve led hundreds of weddings. They’re intimately familiar with how the events of the day or evening should unfold, and help create a fluid event through announcements, directing the crowd’s attention to where it needs to be, creating the right mood at the right time, and all in a way that puts your guests at ease. 

Playing  to the Crowd 

Yes, the DJ takes your input and specific music requests and will make sure your dreams come true. They can also tell what kind of music or call to action is needed to enhance the moment. A DJ is somewhat of a crowd expert, staying true to your input while also giving the crowd what they didn’t even know they wanted. Nic Keith of All That Music says that the perfect playlist is really built throughout the event as he reads the needs of the crowd. As a result, he gets comments from guests that usually go something like, “I can’t believe you got my husband on the dance floor!” DJs also know which songs will get your crowd moving out of their chair to participating in the fun. There isn’t just one go-to for every wedding. The music remains personalized to your style. 

Crafting an experience 

Music is important, but great music alone doesn’t make memories. As surprising as it may sound, if your guests aren’t entertained they may leave a lot earlier than you’d like. You didn’t just spend months of your life agonizing over every little wedding detail for that. A skilled wedding DJ works to gain the trust of your guests and lead them to an experience that makes them want to stay and celebrate. Broc Barton of Elevate Entertainment does all that he can to help guests tune out the rest of the world and focus on having a great time. He explains, “My role is to understand the guests and draw them out into an experience. The term ‘DJ’ is fundamental. If I could choose any title, it would be experience architect.” 

Gaining a wingman 

Your day will be perfect no matter what. If something doesn’t go quite right, though, your DJ has your back. They can effortlessly make a mistake seem intentional or draw the crowd’s attention away from a blunder. Jason Whorlow of Whorlow Entertainment recalls a groom dancing for his bride while she sat in a chair on the dance floor. As the dance progressed, the bride and groom were both on the chair, which broke, spilling the two onto the floor. It was a naturally funny moment, but one Jason knew could quickly become awkward. He was able to stop the song, hop on his piano and redirect the crowd to give the couple time to get to their feet. Whorlow recognizes that at every wedding event, “There is a time for emotion, entertainment, energy and engagement. Those come into play at different points–sometimes when you don’t expect it.” A capable DJ is able to think quickly and roll with the punches to ensure your wedding memories are all happy ones. 

The pitfalls of going with a playlist instead of a DJ range from the hours of preparation, to dealing with faulty equipment, or guests leaving early because they’re not feeling the tunes. The truth is, your wedding is a high-calibur event with a lot of moving parts. A DJ is central to your reception, helping create memories, taking on the stress of hosting and all for a small fraction of your total wedding price tag. After all of the time and money you’ve spent creating what will be a perfect memory, don’t skimp on the entertainment that will keep you and your guests part of it all.  

Written by: Sharon Kuntz 

Cover photo: Adam & Dawn Photography

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