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What is a celebration without incredible music to get the guests excited and dancing? When it comes to the DJ of an event, they play a very large role in how the atmosphere feels at an event and how professional they are about their services. Before just booking anyone for your DJ services, take into consideration some of the following questions.


Is our event date available?
This is first an foremost the most important question when speaking with a DJ. There is no reason to continue with any other questions if your date is not available.

What type of events is their prime focus?
When it comes to your event, there is a big difference from a DJ who mainly focuses on clubs versus a wedding or formal event. It is important to take into consideration if the DJ fits the style and event you are planning for.

How can the DJ customize their music and services to your event and guests?
It is so important that your event reflects the guests or the theme of the event. For example, if you are planning for a wedding, how can that DJ customize the music to reflect the couple and what they like? If a DJ can customize their services to the event, it is more professional as well as creates a positive atmosphere for guest to be a part of.


How do they handle song requests?
Music is one of the main focuses for DJ’s. Some are easy going on allowing song requests and have no problem with allowing guest to request. For others, Requests may not be allowed. If you prefer to have song requests, you want to make sure that your DJ has that option.

Does your DJ have back up equipment?
Worst case scenario: Your DJ is in the middle of your event and an amp blows. What now? One question you will want to be sure to answer is if they have back up equipment that will be at the event so the celebration can continue. With no back up equipment, you raise the worry of not having music.

Does your DJ emcee?
Your event may require someone to emcee different parts throughout. Maybe you need announcements made, or need a microphone for a toast. You want to make sure that your DJ is comfortable with speaking. If they are not you may need to hire someone who is able to provide the equipment.


What is included in your costs when booking with the DJ?
We are always told the price of something, but fail to follow up with what is included and then tend to be upset when we are not informed on what we are paying for. It is important to clarify this so that there are no hidden costs later on.

There are many things to consider when booking a DJ that fits your event. By following these questions you are on your way to finding your perfect DJ. Check out Live Events more information on DJ’s and DJ packages!

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