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When your plus one is on four legs!


From dogs to donkeys to pot-bellied pigs; they all hold a special place in your heart and can have a spot in your special day, too! Four-legged friends are usually considered family and can make an outstanding addition to your wedding. They make great party animals, are consistent scene stealers during portraits, and provide some serious snuggle time to soothe pre-ceremony jitters.

Groom them until they sparkle, dress them in bowties, bejewel their halters with diamonds; let their personalities shine! But take the following into consideration before letting your pooch (or piglet or llama) prance down the aisle…

Make sure they’re comfy! Not only is it necessary to make sure their tutus and tiaras aren’t too tight, it’s important to take their comfort into consideration. Can they handle the weather? Will they have shelter and snacks while you chat with long lost friends and family? Make sure you have a designated babysitter for your fuzzy pal! Now, back to tutus; their embellished outfits may be adorable but make sure they aren’t irritating!


If you know they spook at loud noises, panic in large crowds, and absolutely despise children or people in flamboyant hats, please leave them at home! You don’t want your pet to have a meltdown in the middle of the ceremony. They have feelings, too! Engagement photo sessions are always a fun alternative to include your crazy critters in this family milestone.


If you’ve always dreamt of riding to the altar atop your trusty steed or have imagined cuddly Mr. Puddles as your feline ringbearer, you may first want to consider your venue. Even if they’re located outdoors, some venues won’t allow pets on the property. Make sure they accept your unconventional guests!

Still want to include your pets? Great! We love them just as much as you! As long as you remember they have needs just like yourself, you’ll have a successful day with your fuzzy best friend in tow! Pets make an incredible addition to our lives and what better way to celebrate one of the grandest moments of your life than with your fun-loving, slobbery, goofball of a pet?

Which leads us to another important tip…Don’t forget the lint roller!

Side Kick Dog Training is a great place to have your dog trained or a fun place for them to play while you are getting married or honeymooning!


WRITTEN BY: Erika Kelm

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