A wedding is a big moment in a girl’s life, ranking among some of the most memorable occasions in her life right alongside things like senior prom, her first kiss, and the first time she made it to third base (but let’s be real, does anyone actually know what all the bases are anymore?). A wedding is monumental in a young bride’s life, as it’s not just a single solitary day in a woman’s life, but it is a journey, a phase in her life that is a culmination of celebration after celebration, with friends and family, to celebrate not only her love for another human (sure, grooms are important, but we’re here to focus on the brides), but to celebrate who she is as a woman – from single and ready-to-mingle bachelorette to blissfully wed wifey. Pure Romance is not only a company designed for the modern-day single woman, but it is equally dedicated to the 21stCentury married gal. Pure Romance is not limited by the relationship status on a woman’s Facebook feed, they’re simply dedicated to women all across the spectrum of premarital or post-matrimonial existence. Whether you’re celebrating a wild bachelorette bash surrounded by your closest friends, or whether you’re hoping to capitalize on intimacy with your new spouse on your honeymoon, Pure Romance has a vast array of products that can spice up your wedding, making the most of it from beginning to end. 

The Bachelorette Bash

Pure Romance has anything and everything that a bride-to-be might be longing for when it comes to her bachelorette celebration. What is generally considered the “last fling before the ring”, a bachelorette party is a time in a bride’s life for her to let loose, have fun and (if she wishes) get a little crazy one last time before she says, “I do”. Pure Romance has all kinds of goodies that might make a bachelorette bar crawl or slumber party, whatever your cup of tea might be, all the more fun and exciting. Below are our favorite picks for bachelorette bash must haves that are sure to make a wild night even more entertaining. Oh, and don’t forget about the stress-free, fun and exciting bachelorette parties that Pure Romance can provide. If you’re interested in booking your pre-nuptial girls night with Pure Romance, check out our first blog post for all the details about how they are making the most out of brides’ bachelorettes. 


Whether a bride is spending her final “single” night out on the town exploring bars and hitting up clubs, or whether she’s having an intimate dinner with her girlfriends at a chic rooftop lounge, smelling like a million bucks is sure to make her feel like a million bucks while she celebrates her coming nuptials. Pure Romance offers many fragrances that come in sprays, body oils and lotions. Try their Truly Sexy Flirtline for something fun, fruity, and flirty. 

Body Suits

A big part of having a bachelorette party fit for a queen is dressing like one. Whether a bride opts for a sexy and sophisticated dress code for her bridesmaids, or whether she chooses the comfy and cute brides tribe shirts, what she wears beneath her ensemble is just as important as what’s on the outside. Having the perfect lingerie to party the night away in could make the difference between a bachelorette bore and bachelorette score. Pure Romance offers many different nighties and bodysuits. For example, their sculpting bodysuit with lace is sexy, feminine, and flattering. It not only holds everything in and smooths everything out, but it is sure to give a celebrating bride the extra confidence she needs to dance beside her girlfriends all night long. 

The Big Day

Now that the bachelorette party has been a major success (we saw you rocking that dance floor girl), it’s time for the wedding ceremony. What is most certainly a stressful albeit beautiful day in a woman’s life, is certainly an occasion that every bride desires perfection from. Whether a couple is tying the knot in a prestigious, intricate country club, or outside in a serene, natural vineyard… Every wedding can use all the extra boosts it can get, to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. Pure Romance has an array of things that can help a bride to remain calm, feel sexy and tackle her big day with all of the blissful happiness she hoped she would. 

Essential Oils 

Did you know that weddings tend to be a little bit stressful? Shocker right!? Well, did you also know that Pure Romance has a line of essential oil products that are sure to alleviate any tension or stress a bride-to-be might be feeling on her big day. We recommend the Be Kind Unwindblend. With its calming lavender, clary sage and chamomile, a few drops here or there can keep a bride’s emotions and stress levels in check. 

Skin Care 

Okay, it’s no age-old secret that brides strive to look as beautiful as they can on their wedding day. Hair, nails, makeup… it all must be perfect. This includes a bride’s complexion. Pure Romance has countless skincare products that can calm any skin condition a bride might be facing daysbefore her nuptials. For instance, their luxurious and high-quality skin essentials are great for moisturizing, calming, and boosting that natural bridal glow that women get just before their wedding. Why not capitalize on what you’ve already got going on, right girls? 

The Honeymoon

Bachelorette party – super fun thanks to those sexy undergarments and flirty fragrances. Wedding day – off without a hitch, shout out to the calming oils and dewy skin, right? Well, the final chapter in a bride’s journey into matrimony is quite possibly the most fantasized about day of a young woman’s life (we mean that both figuratively and literally wink wink). The honeymoon is a time for a newly wedded couple to bask in their just-married glow and to soak up all of the love that they can, both emotionally and physically (bow chicka wow wow). Pure Romance has been there through every step of the journey so far, and they’re not about to leave a bride hanging for the homestretch. Below are some of our recommended products to spice up any honeymoon, ensuring that both blissfully wedded partners knock their honeymoon out of the park. 


The cocktail lounge at the Sandals Resort you’re staying at might be open late, but we hope the honeymoon suite is as well. And to make sure that a bride gets the most fun and excitement out of her romantic vacation with her spouse, we recommend trying out Pure Romance’s enhancement line. With a multitude of enhancements designed for any and everything a couple might be into, including Booty Eaze, Great Head and GPS – G-Spot Enhancer, enhancements are designed for both parties, maximizing on marital pleasure for both pieces of this sexy puzzle. 

Couples Toys 

There’s no rules in the rulebook of married life saying a couple’s honeymoon suite is forbidden of any and all toys. Who says a newly wedded couple are limited to missionary? No matter how adventurous a couple is, Pure Romance has toys for every experience and exploration level. A recommendation that we make on behalf of both partners are all of Pure Romance’s vast array of toys designed for individual and couple’s play. Classy, pleasurable, and discrete, the realistic and high-quality design of Pure Romance’s sleeves and rings are sure to get both parties turned on and ready for action. 

It’s clear to see that a wedding is a marathon, not a sprint. No matter how you approach wedding planning, there are areas throughout the wedding process that could use all the extra help that they can get. From bachelorette baddies to bridal beauties to honeymoon hotties, brides deserve to be pampered and have the best experiences they can with their weddings. Pure Romance is here for them from start to finish. From the bar to the alter to the bed… Pure Romance has your bridal back. Far more than sex toys and lingerie, Pure Romance really is the total package, and they’re designed and available to make the most out of your wedding, from beginning to end. 

Written by: Julie Gold

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