Their Greatest Adventure Yet: Anna & Andy

Their Greatest Adventure Yet: Anna & Andy

Anna had already traveled around the globe and back by the time she met Andy in Fort Worth Texas, but even then, she knew he would be her greatest adventure yet.

“Within one week of meeting, we had three dates,” Anna says, adding that she knew right away that he was someone she wanted to see more of. “He put a lot of thought into our first few dates,” she says. “It wasn’t just dinner and a movie.” The new couple explored local breweries in the Fort Worth area, went to jazz clubs, and two-stepped at dance halls.

Andy, a civil engineer from Arlington, Texas, was smitten with Anna’s tales of global travel, which included living abroad in Australia and working as a flight attendant for American Airlines. “He hadn’t traveled as extensively as I had,” she says. “He always says he thought I was the coolest girl he had ever met!”

As a flight attendant, Anna’s job perks allowed Andy to travel along with her on certain trips. “We try to take advantage of the travel benefits,” she says. “We try to do one big international trip a year.” She remembers being suspicious of one of her work-related trips to Calgary, Canada, where Andy joined along. “Usually when he comes with me on business travel, he doesn’t plan much,” she says. This particular trip, where Anna had a 30-hour layover, Andy had organized the two of them to go on a dog sled ride, up in the mountains. “Neither of us had done anything like this, so it was really neat,” Anna says. About halfway through the trip, the sled ride stopped for a photo opportunity. Anna says it was so unexpected when Andy got down on one knee and proposed. “I was so surprised,” she recalls, noting that the backdrop for their proposal was breathtaking. “It had just snowed, and we were right in front of the mountains.”

Over the course of their engagement, Andy was able to open up a new world to Anna: two-step dancing. “I always loved dancing,” Anna says, but gladly admits that Andy is much better a dancer than her. “He was into country dancing before he met me.” In fact, it was his idea that their first dance at their wedding be choreographed to their favorite songs. “We took dance lessons for about nine months leading up to the wedding,” Anna says. “I was so happy to find out he liked dancing and wanted to take lessons!”

Because Anna and Andy were living in Fort Worth and planning a wedding in Missouri, Anna’s mother and sister helped out extensively with wedding preparations. By the time the big day came, Anna recalls that one of her biggest stresses was hoping her full-skirted wedding dress would be good for dancing. “And it was,” she said, with a sigh of relief. “I really loved it,” she says. “I did a lot of twirling!”

Anna and Andy wanted to keep their wedding as personal as possible, so they included hand-written vows that they read to each other. Anna says she is glad that they had the ceremony recorded, so that they can revisit their vows whenever they want. The reception remained personable by including as many travel elements as Anna could fit in. At each of her guests’ tables, the centerpieces held postcards from destinations that the couple had traveled to together, and the their guest book was a hand-painted globe. Anna loved that everyone could sign the globe, which also included the phrase “You Are My Greatest Adventure.”

The best part of their wedding, Anna thinks, is how the couple had a “First Look” photo shoot, before the festivities started. “That was a special moment,” she says, “just the two of us getting to see each other for the first time.” Anna says it helped calm her down, before having to walk down the aisle. “Andy helps me breathe a little easier,” she says. “After that moment, it was just a lot of fun.”

Since the wedding, Anna and Andy continue to travel extensively together, when time allows. Their honeymoon took them to Rome and the Greek Isles, where they explored and adventured together. “Watching the sunset over the ocean was just gorgeous,” Anna says. She is so excited for their next big trip together, which will be returning to her old stomping grounds in Australia. “I can’t wait to see it through his eyes,” she says.


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{featured Photo by Francesca Tirico on Unsplash}

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