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The task of seating family and friends at your wedding ceremony and reception can take careful planning and valuable time, but will mean so much more to your guests. This is a good time to involve the groom’s mother and learn more about your future partner’s extended family. Work with your fiancé, too, to help create a plan that works for the two of you.

Tips for Reception Seating:

  • A seating arrangement by table is highly recommended, as it cuts down on guest confusion and empty spaces.
  • Consider your guests’ comfort. For example, younger guests and friends who like to dance should be closer to the music. Don’t crowd tables beyond their seating capacity.
  • A wedding isn’t the time for intentional matchmaking. It’s okay to seat your co-workers at one table, your friends at another. You want to ensure your guests have a good time and are with people they feel comfortable with.
  • Make it easy for your guests to find their table. Have a chart or cards close to the reception venue entrance, and have the tables clearly marked.


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