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Weddings may have evolved over the years, but good etiquette is timeless.

In the hustle and bustle of planning for your big day, there are so many details to keep in mind, without losing your mind. By applying the timeless Golden Rule throughout every part wedding planning, you will ensure a thoughtful and personable event, one that the special people in your life will remember for years to come.

“The invitation will be what sets the tone of your wedding,” says Mary Long, of Maxim Creative Invites. “In the past, etiquette was that the parents of the bride would host and pay for the wedding. As time has progressed, that practice has changed. It is more common to part from traditional wording and opt for unique and personalized wording that reflects who you are as a couple.”

Whether or not you choose a more traditional route or go down a contemporary path, Mary has a few timeless tips on how to create and send a thoughtful invitation for your guests:

  • BE TIMELY! “Send your invitations at least 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding date to allow your guests time to plan,” Mary says. “If you are having a destination wedding, send invitations 3 months before the wedding. I also recommend that save the dates are sent out 6 to 8 months in advance for destination weddings or couples that are expecting their guests to have to travel.”
  • MAKE THEM PERSONABLE  “Handwritten addresses give that personal touch,” Mary says, adding that a calligraphy-style writing has become a trendy and artistic way to write names. She notes that guests’ names should be written in full, with appropriate social titles, such as Mr. and Mrs.While e-mail and website responses are becoming more common, Mary says they are not considered proper etiquette. “Many older guests may not use computers often and this method of response can cause confusion.”
  • CONSIDER YOUR BUDGET – Whether you are paying for the invitations, or they are taken care of by a family member, keep your budget and timeframe in mind. Proofread your details very carefully before finalizing your order,” Mary says. This ensures a beautiful invitation the first time around, without need for reprinting and corrections. All of that can delay addressing, collating, and mailing. “Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding party for assembly help,” she adds.

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