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We have been doing weddings for years and have compiled some tips we have learned over the years on how to get the best video on your wedding day. 

  1. Look around for YOUR style. We all have a different style. Find that videographer who has your style of video.
  2. Write each other a little note that can be read at the beginning of the day or write your own vows (or both). We want to include the sounds of the day in your film. This helps build your story from start to finish. 
  3. Allow time in your timeline for the videographer and photographer to capture all the things needed to get you that dream wedding film. The more time, the better  .
  4. Golden hour is a videographers dream! This occurs 1 hour before sunset. No harsh shadows and more depth/color are a videographers dream. Try and work your timeline around this time frame.
  5. Video isn’t like pictures, avoid looking directly at the videographers camera unless we need to capture something specific. Look at the photographer’s camera (they like that). 

We hope these tips help you. Below is a wedding film that we captured. 

Written by: Michael – MJR Films

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