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Our Wedding Expos are right around the corner! If you are newly engaged, you will not want to miss THE wedding planning events of the season! Today we are breaking down 5 tips that will ensure you have a FUN and successful show!

  1. Pre-Register To slow the wait in line upon arrival, be sure that you pre-register on! Upon arrival, each couple will receive a Met Wed tote, the latest copy of Metropolitan Weddings magazine, and fun freebies from our VIP wedding merchants!
  2. Wear Comfy Shoes We will have dozens of wedding professionals setup all around the convention center looking forward to chatting with you! Lots of walking = sore feet if not prepared with comfortable sneakers or flats!
  3. Don’t Be Shy Our wedding professionals have shown up specifically to get to know each couple & see if what they have to offer will be a good fit! Don’t be shy, be prepared to have great conversations with local merchants! Also, come prepared with labels pre-printed with your name, phone number and email address. Why? Several of our merchants give out exclusive discounts to those that attend the show!
  4. Know Your Date + Guest Count The year of 2021 & 2022 is booking up quite quickly due to COVID-19 reschedules from 2020 as well as new bookings coming along! Be sure to come prepared with your ideal date in mind so wedding merchants can check their availability. If you are specifically looking to book a venue, it is important to know your guest count so that the venue owner knows whether or not they can accommodate your wedding.
  5. Bring a Decision Maker Because dates are booking up fast and couples are wanting to take advantage of show discounts, it is common for our wedding merchants to take deposits and book on-site! Be sure to bring your fiancé and/or other decision maker so that you can secure your first choice of merchants! 

We will see you soon!

Photo Credit: Adam and Dawn Photography

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