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Sara Narges had worked in the retail industry in college and loved the interaction she had with customers, yet she saw the need for a full-service bridal salon back in her hometown. So in 1999, Sara moved back to Pittsburg, Kansas, and opened Sara Loree’s Bridal.  Now, brides from 100 miles around come to shop at her store and have the Sara Loree’s shopping experience with her wonderful staff. Her manager and assistant manager, who began as bridal customers, have been with her for 20 years and as she says, they are the “heart and soul” of her store. 

Sara loves when she helps the bride find her perfect dress and “Seeing the joy on their face, knowing you have done something special for them, it just makes you tear up.” Lots of people think you have to go to the city to get the latest styles, yet Sara Loree’s has all the latest designs in stock right here at their store. They pride themselves on keeping up with current fashions. Sara sees trends like form-fitting dress materials as well as interesting backs, lace and a more classic look coming back into style.

Sara Loree’s also carries plus-size lines and are expanding their inventory of plus size dresses. She has seen an increased demand for plus size dresses and loves to help girls of all sizes or shapes be able to try on a dress that actually fits, making them feel like the special bride that they are. 

Customer service is a source of pride for Sara. She goes above and beyond for her brides and is flexible with appointment schedules. They do offer ‘Luxe appointments’ in addition to a regular bridal appointment. You are able to bring up to 10 guests, have snacks and drinks, and can schedule these appointments at a private time – during or after store hours. This special appointment just makes the dress shopping more of an “experience.” Sara Loree’s also offers discounts that are available only during ‘Luxe appointments’ that brides can take advantage of.

Currently they have four bridal dressing room suites and 10 prom dressing rooms, but are getting ready to remodel their bridal suites to make them more efficient for brides with more space, better lighting, more mirrors and fresh decor. 

So there is no need to travel far to find your perfect dress. Sara Loree’s offers the latest fashions with compassionate customer service, all close to home.

Favorite Fashion Accessory
For Sara, her Apple watch and meaningful necklaces that her husband has given to her are her favorite accessories. For her brides, it is a veil. “A veil adds to the look, but I have always liked headpieces even though they are not really popular right now.”

Phone: 620.235.0286
Address: 524 North Broadway, Pittsburg, KS

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