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When it comes to a wedding, there are a million things to be done before the big day. From finding the perfect venue to selecting the bride’s dream gown, the to-do list seems to be never-ending. Whether a couple chooses to utilize the services of a sought after wedding planner, or whether they choose to forge their path to nuptials on their own, there is a common component that tends to be overlooked when it comes to orchestrating a wedding to remember – Parking. 

Why should a couple pour their time and energy into considering the parking for their wedding day? Well, what initially seems like a rather cut and dry item on their checklist, may be a bit more complex than simply parking cars. When you stop to consider how many guests often attend a wedding, on average 200 guests, that boils down to a whole lot of cars to be parked and accounted for. 

There are a lot of factors that play into how seamlessly or chaotically the arrival of guests can be and enjoy a couple’s romantic festivities as well. Location, Safety, Memorability and Unpredictability are all important things to consider when it comes to catering to guests’ parking needs. There are several reasons as to why hiring a valet parking service might be the best route to take on such a very special day. 

A venue is one of the most important parts of a wedding. Whether a couple’s vows take place in a quaint country chapel or in a cozy mountaintop chalet, location plays a big role in the day that two become one. Parking, though seemingly simple, is not always catered to the same way from venue to venue. An outdoor wedding at an elegant vineyard might have ample parking for hundreds of attendees, whereas a swanky downtown wedding might prove more challenging thanks to one-way streets and high-rise complexes. Valet parking could be a clever solution to parking woes that come from finding the perfect place to get wed. If the venue is perfect, parking of all things shouldn’t stand between an ‘I Do’ and an ‘I Don’t’. 

Weddings are a celebration of love – the love between a newlywed couple and the love they share with family and friends. A couple’s big day is designed to be celebratory, and it is a time for people to come together to celebrate love, kinship and the joining together of two lives. With celebration often comes alcohol. Be it an open bar, a cash bar or something in between, guests are accustomed to cutting loose and enjoying themselves at a wedding reception. Nothing is more important for a bride and groom than ensuring that their guests enjoy themselves, but also stay safe. Hiring a valet could be the perfect thing to provide them with peace of mind on an already jam-packed day. Valet attendants are not only there to park cars for guests, but they also serve as a barrier between guests who have over-indulged in wedding spirits and the very-avoidable mistake of drunk driving. Weddings are meant to be fun, so why not ensure that this is the case with a valet? 

Brides and grooms dream about their wedding day for a long time, sometimes all of their lives. Everything about it is laced with their hearts’ desires and they want each and every detail to be exquisite and perfect. Not only do couples want to remember their special day fondly forever, but they want to ensure that it is impressive and memorable for their guests as well. Valet parking could enhance the appeal and memorability of a wedding. Valet parking is oftentimes viewed as a luxury or high-end amenity. Having a valet service to cater to guests’ needs could promote a more first class experience for wedding-goers and newlyweds alike. 

It is common knowledge that things can and sometimes do go wrong on a wedding day. Despite diligent attempts to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, sometimes things happen. Be it unpredictable weather or a catering emergency, not all weddings come together as smoothly as they do in the movies. Valet parking, which might not seem like a premium solution to big day mishaps, could be an overlooked yet inspired solution to the unpredictability that can accompany many weddings. Having a valet parking attendant can ensure that wedding guests are not left to uncertainty and confusion should a spontaneous thunderstorm pop up. Believe it or not, the weather in the 417 can be pretty sporadic to say the least. From all four seasons in a day to snow in April, Missouri is no stranger to impulsive weather patterns. Life happens and things sometimes go wrong. Weddings shouldn’t be ruined by rained on wedding hair or snow-spattered tuxes. Parking shouldn’t be a deal breaker either. Valet parking could help remedy some of the most commonly overlooked annoyances of a couple’s special day. 

A wedding is a time for celebration, love and enjoyment. From a beautiful ceremony to a lively reception – there are so many components that go into making a bride and groom’s dreams come true. Parking might seem like a trivial thing to consider when it comes to a wedding, but it could be the difference between a wedding in distress and a wedding to impress. No matter the location and no matter the budget, parking is something that every couple should contemplate when bringing their wedding to life. Chapel, courtyard, countryside or chalet, perhaps you should consider hiring a valet.

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