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You cannot imagine getting married without including your two year old niece, Stinkerbell, or your furry child, Buster, in your wedding. But what will you do with them after their time in the spotlight? Who is going to watch after Stinkerbell and make sure she does not stick her fingers in the cake? Or who will clean up after Buster has pooped on the dance floor? Who will tuck Buster in at night while you are off on your honeymoon? Welcome pet sitters and child sitters, heroes that can save the day!

Jaylene Martin, owner of As You Wish Character Entertainment, offers not just babysitting, but wedding childcare. As she says, “it is babysitting that feels nothing like babysitting.” As You Wish will set up an area just for kids, provide decor with one character in full costume (think princesses and superheroes) as well as two or more royal attendants. For safety purposes, she likes to keep a 1-6 ratio (1-4 if there are babies) of royal attendants to children. They provide snacks, games, crafts, activities and even keepsakes your pint-sized guests can take home with them. Her staff is trained and certified in the latest CPR, asthma, BLS and more protocols and Jaylene takes food allergies very seriously. They have a check-in system for the children and with over 17 years of childcare experience, As You Wish welcomes children of all ages from babies to 12 year olds, both neurotypical and kids with special needs. Imagine the awe and excitement of your smaller guests when Elsa or Superman walk into the room to play with them at your wedding! With 23 characters to choose from, you will surely find one that will wow these pint-sized dignitaries.

Just like small children need someone to attend to them, so do your furry family members. If your plan is to have your dog walk down the aisle, but you know he is not 100% reliable to be a good boy after his moment to shine, you need a pet sitter. Let Cassie Tobin with Vintage Rental Co. Pet Sitting services save the day! Cassie offers a variety of packages which can allow you, the bride and groom, to know your furry child is well loved, cared for and attended to so you can enjoy your wedding day. She brings water bottles, treats, accident clean up supplies, toys, and for those pets who struggle with anxiety, with your permission of course, she can even offer them calming chews. Cassie offers chauffeur services to your home or a boarding facility and even a pet portrait of your sweet baby.

Vintage Rental Co. Pet Sitting started after she got married in 2021 and wanted her pup, Satchmo, in her wedding. She realized there was no one in the area that offered wedding day pet sitting services, so Cassie, an animal lover herself, researched best practices in other parts of the country and began to help fill a void in the area. She says 90% of her customers want her to watch their dog, but she will watch any domesticated pet.

Pets at a wedding attract attention and Cassie loves hanging out with your dog, letting the children pet them, but making sure they are not overwhelmed. She has a “meet and greet” before your wedding day so that your pet can get familiar with her and she can learn their likes and dislikes, easing your mind that they are well loved and cared for: her main goal.

Okay, so the wedding is over, you are about to jet off on your honeymoon, but who will love and care for your beloved pup? Misti Fry with Side Kick Dog Training offers an array of services. Do you need boarding? Daycare? Or even someone to train your pup to get along with your fiance’s pets or kids? Misti to the rescue! Misti has been training dogs for over 20 years and her passion is problem solving. She can help train your dog to be on his best behavior and walk down the aisle or figure out a way for the new blended family of dogs, cats and/or kids to all get along. While she is not a marriage counselor, she helps couples solve problems relating to their pets. She once had a groom who was used to having working dogs who lived outside, while the bride’s pets were her fur babies who lived inside the house. The human component meant Misti had to counsel the couple to appreciate each other’s approach to their dog when the newlyweds got a new Corgi puppy. The wife wanted to wrap the puppy in bubble wrap and protect her, while the husband needed the dog to help with the livestock. Through both people and puppy therapy, Misti was able to get both sides to agree, while training the puppy how to be safe around large livestock, obeying commands. Side Kick Dog training offers one-on-one private training or group classes, boarding daycare or even grooming to have your pet looking their best for those all important wedding photos.

So there is no need for your pet or little people to be the “party poopers” at your wedding. Invite these specialists to solve your problems so you can say “I do” without worrying about, well, the doo-doo!


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