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After any wedding, there is no shortage of discussion about cake! As a matter of fact, most wedding merchants will tell you: guests are likely to stay at least until they have tasted a slice for themselves. Wedding cake is a centerpiece, a tradition and anticipated treat. It is the silent guest that everyone secretly wants to get to know better. That is a lot to live up to!

This grand dessert even has its own accessories: from a knife and server set (that will be a beloved household treasure) to the pedestal it stands on – not to mention flavor and filling. So many choices, so many options – where to begin? With the baker of course! We have five talented companies for you to choose from. Give them a call to help you put together the perfect confection to keep your guests talking for years to come.

Charity Fent Cake Design

Call: 417.838.1182


Diana’s Bloom Cakes

Call: 417.529.4911


Sugar Leaf Bakery

Call: 417.336.6618


Simply Delicious Catering

Call: 417.766.2946


Photo by Adam & Dawn Photography

Cake Worthy Design

Call: 417.582.1373


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