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Charcuterie. Charcuterie is something that is difficult to describe. At least Lavish Grazing’s style is. It’s something that you have to see and taste to really appreciate and fully take it in. But, I’m certain these words and photos should do the trick for now. 

So what makes Lavish Grazing, Lavish Grazing? 

Well when picking a photographer, you don’t want school yearbook looking pictures that make it seem like they took the photo and moved right on to the next person with no thought. Of course not! You want the photographer that’s going to climb the tree, get down in the mud to get that perfect shot. A picture that is pure emotion captured, something that elicits a reaction from anyone that sees it. In a single word Art. You want your wedding photos to be a work of art. With charcuterie it should be no different. Lavish Grazing prides itself in creating works of art, luckily enough, this work of art you get eat. 

In this industry there’s a term called a “lunchable” charcuterie board, these boards literally look like someone took the ingredients and placed them on the board in the most orderly ridged way possible. No offense to any accountants out there but these boards can look like an accountant put it together to make sure they’ve got the exact number of things needed on the board. Just numbers on a board. I tell you all this to say that Lavish Grazing is not a numbers charcuterie business. Farthest from it. Each board, box, cone, cup, letter and table spread is created to be an art piece. When guests see what we make they don’t just see food, their eyes go on a trip over the whole arrangement, making plans on what to eat next. All while being stunned they get to eat something that looks so elegant. We make people go oooohhhh and awww for a creation you and your newly made spouse had a hand in making, customized perfectly to your tastes. 

We offer several different options for the “canvas”, if you will, that we make these incredible charcuterie pieces on. We have the very covid friendly option in our Lavish Boxes made for individuals and groups. After that we have our individual cones and cups. Yes, that’s right, subtract the melty and messy ice cream and replace it with delectable charcuterie. We then have our boards made on wooden, glass or ceramic. These are perfect to have waiting at tables during the cocktail hour, staving off the hungry guests before you and yours big entrance, or for you and the gals to eat on as you get ready for the big day. We also make a pretty great dude board too.  And last but certainly not least, there’s our favorite thing to do at weddings. The Table Runner. These arrangements can span an entire table. Covering it with every possible Charcuterie combination imaginable. These are show stoppers. People can not walk by without looking and then eventually making a plate of their favorites. Guests are stunned by the Lavish Grazing Tables. It gives the wedding another beautiful piece of decor. 

Now who is Lavish Graving? Who will you be working with to make this happen? Her name is Kendra. That’s it, one person. She creates everything, every piece that leaves the kitchen she made herself. She gets help from her soon-to-be husband, but he mostly just hands her what she needs, as she creates her master pieces. When it comes time to design your arrangement its her you talk to. Having wine? She can pair it. Having a morning wedding? She’ll design a breakfast piece. Have a color scheme, florals you want to match? She has a background in floral design. There’s no game of telephone. The person you’re giving your ideas to is the same person that will be making it come to life. 

So if you’re thinking of Charcuterie, think Lavish Graving.  

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Photo Credits go to The Marions, Negative Image Photography, and Shelby Chante Photography

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