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Once upon a time, long before things like Tantra Yoga and Christian Grey, brides were expected to usher in their nuptials with refined elegance and a lack of promiscuity that was illustrated via the white dress that they wore to symbolize their purity to the world. But let’s get things straight, it is 2021, ladies, and modern matrimony just doesn’t abide by the same rules that it once did. Nowadays, a bride’s sexuality is not only embraced but it is encouraged as something that a soon-to-be wifey should welcome and explore before her big day. Whether that means saving herself for her future husband, or whether it means exploring all the sexy things, from the shower to the sheets, Pure Romance has one wish for the modern-day bride –to make her bachelorette party both educational and unforgettable. They do this by incorporating three main elements into each of their Pure Romance bachelorette parties. 

The Bride-to-Be and Her Queen V

            Pure Romance prides themselves on catering to the education of women regarding their sexual health. Listen up, girls, there is something important to know about marriage – sex happens. It is a major part of keeping the newlywedded flame alive and well through all of life’s less sexy seasons – like when your youngest child pees in your bed or when your in-laws are in town for two weeks – yikes. Sometimes married life isn’t a glamourous affair, but Pure Romance wants to do all they can to send their brides into marriage confidently equipped to keep what goes on inside the bedroom satisfying, fun and adventurous for both partners. 

            As fully trained, not to mention fun, resources to brides, the ladies behind Pure Romance seek to encourage women to explore their sexuality in a way that builds confidence and assures each woman that most of the things that they’ve experienced in the bedroom are totally normal. At the bachelorette parties that Pure Romance hosts, not only are they ready and capable of connecting brides to fully accredited medical professionals that can address every area of their sexual wellness, but they are also prepared to educate women on ways to get the most out of their intimate rendezvous with their partners. They cover every topic from proper stimulation, to maintaining hydration to enhance self-lubrication. Brides will leave their bachelorette parties not only having had the time of their lives, but with a vastly expanded pool of knowledge regarding their own bodies that they can take with them into their marriages. We suggest that brides wear waterproof mascara though, because you might just cry from laughing so much, seriously girls, it’ll be nothing short of a good time. 

Hands Off – Or Maybe Not

            In addition to educating women in a fun yet factual way, about sex, feminine health, and everything in between, Pure Romance also wants to provide their bachelorettes with hands on experiences that will help them form a good sense of adventure and confidence to take to bed with them. Through means of open discussions with their closest friends, eh-hem “let’s talk about sex, baby” … to getting to explore all the products offered, brides can get an idea of what they enjoy and what they just can’t get into when it comes to physical intimacy. Pure Romance encourages their bachelorettes to touch, taste, smell and fully explore the vast array of bedroom accessories that they have to offer. From toys to lingerie, lotions to lubes, there’s bound to be something for every bride to take home with them as not only a fun and useful souvenir from their bachelorette bash, but there’s plenty of options for ladies to utilize to spice up their newlywed suites or to hook up their honeymoons. Brides are guaranteed to find some fun, new products that they might just have to show their soon-to-be husbands, and they’re sure to have a fantastic, hilarious night with their bridal party and friends. Seriously, what could be better than watching your future sister-in-law trying to maintain her composure as she samples edible lubricant? Can you say bonding experience? 

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

            So, as you can tell by now, Pure Romance bachelorette parties are a lot of things. We do mean a lot of things – they’re fun, sexy, comical, educational, and totally empowering. But there is something else that might be a little extra appealing, especially to our brides who just said “yes” to that $2,000 wedding dress (we can console our checkbooks later, ladies). Brides who host a Pure Romance bachelorette party get their party for free. That’s right – totally free! Consultants do all the work, because let’s face the facts – brides deserve a break, wedding planning is hard! 

            Not only is the party free, but everything that they sample, look at and contemplate buying throughout the night is available for purchase. That leopard print two-piece nighty, available. His and Hers lubricants, available. What we’re saying is basically the only thing that’s not available at the party is the bride, because well, you know, she’s engaged to be married. Guests and bridesmaids alike can purchase whatever they want throughout the event, and they don’t have to worry about Great Aunt Gertrude finding out that they just bought a dozen different personal enhancement products, because all shopping is confidential, so your secrets are totally safe. 

As if taking home some sweet and saucy swag wasn’t a big enough perk, for every purchase that partygoers make, the bride-to-be gets shopping credits. That’s basically like a buy one get one sale, only the guests are buying, and the bride is getting. Shopping credits, samples and a lifetime of memories are all pretty great party favors if you ask us, but the ladies at Pure Romance just couldn’t stop there. They are so committed to making sure that brides leave their bachelorette parties having had the best time imaginable, that they offer every Metropolitan Weddings bride a free piece of lingerie. Who doesn’t love a free piece of soft lace or sensual silk? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! 

            So, here’s the thing, there’s such a taboo attitude that revolves around bachelorette parties. Girls gone wild is not exactly what the ladies at Pure Romance have in mind when they set out to plan a bride’s perfect bachelorette celebration. Of course, a bachelorette party should be fun, sexy, and exciting. But who says they can’t be rewarding, empowering and educational too? This is 2021, so if a party wants to be entertaining and enlightening, more power to it, right? By centering their focus on sexual wellness, educational samplings and pleasurable perks, Pure Romance is the trendiest way to throw the party of the century for friends, family, and bridesmaids alike. Shayna with Pure Romance says their business is like “adult sex-ed meets stand-up comedy”, and we couldn’t agree more. Bachelorettes have changed a lot throughout the years, and so have the expectations placed upon them. But however a bride wants to ready herself for her wedding night is exactly how she should do so, and at Pure Romance, they’re going to ensure she does that in the most exciting and rewarding way possible. And that’s why they’ve developed the system that they have – a culmination of sex-ed and stand up, the modern bachelorette, if you will. 

Written by: Julie Good

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