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Your cousin Jimmy might make a mean margarita, but will he fold when asked to make something more complicated like an old fashioned or <GASP!> a bloody Mary?

We’ve all seen the story play out on television or in reality: DIY wedding turns into fiasco of the century, thanks to complete meltdown and freak out of person(s) within party or person(s) responsible for planning said party. Don’t let your wedding or next event turn into the next must-watch reality series episode. 

Here are three smart reasons to hire a professional bar service:

  1. Less stress. It’s YOUR special day! Let’s face it – you’re already under huge amounts of pressure as a bride or wedding/event planner. Hiring someone to do the bar service will be your saving grace. One less thing to worry about! Focus on putting the finishing touches on the 253rdversion of your rehearsal dinner’s seating chart. Or finding a great hotel nearby. 
  2. Better experience. Bar service providers like Macadoodles have the tools to make your event one that’s for the memory books. They’re expertly trained to prepare drinks based on your specification and budget, then serve them to your guests with an unbridled passion for the art of bartending. Looking for a signature cocktail for your event? Sure, your cousin Jimmy may make a mean margarita, but will he fold when asked to make something more complicated like an old fashioned or <GASP!> a bloody Mary? Leave it to the experts. The Macadoodles bar service team has a solid reputation for being attentive, accommodating, and for doing whatever it takes to make every guest smile. 
  3. Less stress. Oh – did I already mention that? Less stress. Less stress. Less stress. 

When you look back on your day, what do you want to remember? What do you want your guests to remember?

I’m betting you’d want them to remember how amazing your event was, how beautiful the bride looked, or how incredible the backdrop of The Barley House at Moon Town Crossing made for the perfect photo. You’ll remember how you felt when you saw the full venue, when you looked into your partner’s eyes, or how the staff made every guest feel like a VIP. 

Of course, there are horror stories, but this isn’t one of them because you opted for less stress and a better experience, starting with hiring the experts. 

**Special thanks to Audrey B. for providing us with some excellent feedback for this post! ** 

Macadoodles offers bar service at the North Springfield (3080 N Kentwood Ave) and Republic, MO locations. To learn more about Macadoodles Bar Service, please click here or call Lea Ann Quessenberry at 417-379-5560.

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