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At a young age, Dawn knew she wanted to be a photographer. Her mother would buy photography magazines for her and, as a child, Dawn set up a studio in her basement using a Star Wars blanket as a backdrop. When she started photographing her own children, people saw her talent and began asking her to photograph their families. Adam began his photography career a bit later in life. As he grew up he knew he was artistic, but could never pinpoint what outlet to unleash his talent on. One day while staring at a photo of a father holding his daughter upside down, he decided he wanted to photograph his own daughter, soon to be born, and photographed her well. Much like Dawn’s experience, people saw Adam’s photos and began wanting him to do their family shoots. 

Dawn and Adam have travelled far and wide to receive training from some of the world’s best photographers. Dawn even won one of the most highly regarded awards for photography, and began teaching her craft to others. 

The most memorable photos the couple has taken were during a trip to Nicaragua with an organization called Project Hope. They spent two days photographing impoverished families. The joy and love expressed by the people of Nicaragua will forever be ingrained in their hearts. 

In their free time, Dawn and Adam love experiencing new restaurants, new locations, hiking and being in the company of loved ones. 

The most common items in their camera bag include many different cameras, lenses, a half dozen flashes, batteries and so many other necessary tools that they need an assistant to help them carry it! 

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“We are very passionate about animals. We get to tell peoples’ stories on a regular basis and we would love to tell stories of endangered animals and the people who help protect them. We would love to see some of the most amazing creatures in their natural habitats. Africa would be incredible.”


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