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After your ceremony has commenced and you’ve officially become bride and groom, the celebratory meal at your reception is greatly looked forward to, not only by you and your new spouse, but by friends and family members who have traveled to join you in support of the start of a new chapter in life. For those tying the knot in Southwest Missouri, there are a number of catering options throughout the area who are experienced in exceptional service and outstanding food for the masses on your wedding day.

With 25 years of established service in the catering industry, the Pasta Express team along with team members at 425 Downtown have been working with the same initiatives in mind. Creating a memorable experience for their guests through operational effectiveness and meaningful connections are the common goals they work towards together. Whether a wedding is on-site or at a 425 venue, their commitment to providing a bride and groom’s unique wants and needs allow their wedding experience to be exactly what they envisioned when it comes to delicious, Italian food favorites and ambience. 

Dedication to customization when it comes to both food and details, as well as the overall celebration experience of this new chapter of the couple’s life, all tie in beautifully when it comes to the big day’s meal. In terms of presentation, 425 Downtown and Pasta Express teams provide a variety of china options and linens to match any couple’s theme. If a couple is looking for specific décor in terms of centerpieces or special characteristics, Matt Krupa and the team are happy to put a bride and groom in touch with vendors throughout the area that can assist in bringing their unique pieces together perfectly. 

When it comes to advice for bride and grooms beginning their initial catering or event space researching, Matt expressed that ensuring past success in terms of execution on the big day is key to having peace of mind and, ultimately, the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner they have always dreamed of giving family and friends. 

Foodie Passion 
Matt’s own comfort food? His loyalty to the Springfield community mirrors that of his team’s – as his favorite is sushi from Haruno’s with his family.

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